Why HealthPark Valet


You specialize in the best medical care, not valet parking. In-house valet parking operations are extremely costly due to high overhead and management expenses. A HealthPark valet parking program offers peace-of-mind for hospitals—dramatically improving operational efficiencies, reducing costs and increasing productivity while ensuring a positive patient experience.

More Efficient Staffing: Our data-based staffing model ensures a flexible workforce during peak and off-peak hours. HealthPark’s combination of full-time and part-time employees provides an efficient use of labor resources and a substantial reduction in costs.

Operational Excellence: From the soft costs of hiring and managing valet attendants to the hard costs such as payroll processing and taxes, HealthPark operates valet programs efficiently and seamlessly. We manage all the details such as changes to service hours, adjusting FTEs when volume projections fluctuate and increasing the utilization of the valet service and volume of cars parked.

Lower Employee Costs: HealthPark offers competitive wages with lower fringe benefit rates. Our experienced, hands-on shift managers and area account managers increase supervision while spreading out costs. If you have current valet employees, they can be seamlessly moved onto our payroll.

Patient-Centered Training: All HealthPark team members graduate from HealthPark University. Our attendants are hired for heart and personality. We train extensively on how to engage patients and guests upon arrival and departure, increase patient satisfaction and safely park cars. Our comprehensive curriculum also covers HCAHPS scores, HIPAA privacy rules and The Joint Commission standards.

Proven Technology:

  • Monitors and provides car volumes and revenues. Our valet tracking system scans each car when it arrives and departs, detailing exactly how many cars are parked at each entrance.
  • Accommodates multiple entrances, allowing patients and guests to drop off and pick up their cars at different entrances
  • Allows valet attendants to receive calls or texts from patients anywhere in the hospital for more efficient car retrieval
  • Deploys real-time valet satisfaction surveys to mobile phones following car pickup, allowing HealthPark to immediately track the patient experience
  • Offers credit card swiping, mobile payments and superior revenue control for hospitals that charge for valet parking
Our hospitals save $125,000 on labor annually over in-house hospital valet operations.

HealthPark expertly sets a positive tone for hospitals with an engaging patient experience, offering a warm welcome and hassle-free parking.

HealthPark offers a friendly welcome and always lends a hand. Opening car doors, retrieving wheelchairs, carrying bags and assisting with entering or leaving the hospital are just a few of the ways we help patients.

Because we work with healthcare facilities only, we understand how to create a wonderful experience for patients and guests from the moment of arrival through departure.

  • Reduce costs with our industry-leading staffing model
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Improve patient flow with on-time appointment arrivals
  • Enable your staff to focus on clinical care

Annual Labor Efficiency Savings

Annual Increase in Productivity

Annual Reduction in Total Costs

Likely to Recommend Our Valet Service to Friends and Family



If you currently offer valet parking and are not familiar with your Valet Efficiency Rating, HealthPark can determine how your valet parking program compares with a peer group of hospitals. Contact us for your complimentary assessment. With only a few questions and less than 15 minutes of your time, we will happily assess the efficiency of your valet parking program.


“HealthPark designed a customized
valet parking program that is saving
SwedishAmerican over 29% annually,
while increasing operational efficiencies
and ensuring a positive patient experience.”

— Norm Shirk, Pastoral Care and Volunteer Services
SwedishAmerican Hospital