Why HealthPark Valet

Valet parking is not a luxury but an absolute necessity when patient satisfaction is your focus.

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The Patient Experience

Imagine arriving at a hospital as a patient or guest, anxious or disoriented, only to receive a calm, cheerful greeting from a well-groomed valet who immediately senses your needs and offers to accommodate you—whether for valet parking, wheelchair assistance or wayfinding to help you get to the right place.

HealthPark Valet offers our special brand of patient-centered service that our management has ingrained into our culture.

Our roots spring from compassionate valet programs and parking solutions. We then created a more extensive suite of services to realize our true passion: creating a positive patient experience from beginning to end—ultimately boosting patient loyalty.

HealthPark’s guiding principles
Specialize in healthcare.

Our management team enjoys working closely with each hospital’s administrators, providing individualized programs to your local facilities with well-trained, on-site personnel.

At HealthPark University our employees train in critical healthcare topics, including regulatory and privacy practices.

Turn great service into financial benefits.

In our many years of experience, we have seen our services benefit our hospitals in ways such as:

  • Streamlining and strengthening operations by enabling a return to focus on clinical services
  • Increasing on-time appointments and reducing cancellations
  • Reducing costs by outsourcing parking and hospitality services
Relentlessly focus on patient satisfaction and loyalty.

First, we welcome patients and guests with a smile and intuitively sense and help with any special needs—smoothly park their car, transport their wheelchairs or walkers and help them find their way around your hospital. Our complete suite of hospital valet parking services create a feel-good experience for patients and guests.

Our staff delights in getting to know repeat patients and going the extra mile. They are trained to know if someone looks lost or is having trouble. Your HealthPark Hospitality team knows the scenarios for what needs to be done—and they have the latitude to make decisions to satisfy your patients.

Increase employee happiness.

The last thing a hospital needs is employees who are frustrated upon arrival to work. Our concierge services as well as shuttle and driver services to help solve parking problems, increase security after hours, and help with employee satisfaction and retention.

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