Valet Parking Program

The Patient Experience

Hospital patients and guests are unique valet parking patrons. They may arrive excited over a baby’s birth, grieving due to loss, or experiencing pain or distress. Patients and guests need to park or retrieve their cars—but mostly they need a delicate approach and a helping hand. Ensure a remarkable patient-centered experience with HealthPark’s well-trained, kind-hearted attendants. We immediately acknowledge your patients and offer a warm welcome the instant they drive up to your hospital entrance.

You can’t redo a first impression

We delight in setting a pleasant, engaging tone for your patients and guests. HealthPark’s thoughtful attendants are devoted to taking care of everyone—it’s in our DNA. Our valets always demonstrate sensitivity and are truly dedicated to all patients and guests. HealthPark combines decades of valet parking expertise with deep knowledge of and passion for fulfilling the special needs of hospital patients. Our special brand of valet parking that extends caring and considerate service also reduces patient wait time and ensures efficient patient flow.

Hospitals have a clear-cut business case for needing valet parking management. Yet to us, simply parking cars just isn’t enough. We choose employees for their desire to pay attention, listen actively, communicate and derive genuine satisfaction in serving patients. HealthPark’s valet training sets the stage for what makes our hospital valet parking program different—starting with caring, compassionate service from the moment of your patient and guest’s arrival.

A different, better valet experience

In addition to fostering old-fashioned pleasantries, our valet parking training focuses on relevant healthcare topics like disease control and observing the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Our valets communicate effectively with patients and guests who are elderly, hard of hearing or challenged with disabilities.

The patient experience starts with managing expectations, particularly when the unknowns of a hospital visit come into play. Our attendants instinctively read and respond to a patient’s situation and needs. In fact, our valets double as extra “ears and eyes” for security purposes.

Our service includes:

  • Opening the patient and guest’s car door, offering a warm greeting and thank-you
  • Describing how the valet service works
  • Providing directions as needed
  • Facilitating entering and leaving the hospital
  • Loading and retrieving personal items such as wheelchairs, crutches and overnight bags from the car—getting a visit off to a great start and helping keep appointments on time
Serving patients in wheelchairs

HealthPark’s valet program includes wheelchair assists, helping patients and guests with their own wheelchairs, as well as quickly retrieving and providing wheelchairs from inside the hospital entrance.

Our Valet Parking Program can be coordinated with our internal patient transportation services, synchronizing patient movement from the time your patient arrives and moves through your hospital, to the time your patient leaves.

Track the results

Many of our hospitals see immediate results in patient loyalty after implementing our valet service. Patients and guests tell us the convenience of our parking valet service dramatically reduces stress, time and energy and provides for a more pleasant hospital visit—no small feat!

On-going tracking is as important to us as your bottom line. Through patient feedback surveys, mystery guests and online reporting tools, you can measure performance—an investment that grows with your excellent reputation and leads toward a higher HCAHPS Patient Experience of Care Score.

The next step toward patient satisfaction

Learn how a customized Valet Parking Program can transform your patient experience.

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