Solutions Parking Program

Is your hospital challenged with too many cars and not enough parking? Whether your facility needs to accommodate dozens or hundreds of additional vehicles, and whether your needs are short-term due to construction or long-term due to growth and capacity challenges, HealthPark’s Solutions Parking Program is your answer.

For most hospitals HealthPark can increase parking capacity by at least 50%

HealthPark’s creative parking solutions dramatically improve the most parking challenged locations. Our managed stack parking offers several benefits:

  • Solves parking hassles due to construction
  • Flexible, accommodating tens to hundreds of cars or more
  • Quick to implement for near-immediate impact
  • An affordable solution you can adjust should your parking strategy change

When employees and patients are in a hurry, convenient parking can be a tremendous relief—making our parking solution produce a high return on investment.

Give us your toughest parking challenge

 HealthPark’s Solutions Parking Program can easily be combined with our valet service.

Our team of parking experts has implemented our successful Solutions Parking Program at the most challenged parking locations. Contact HealthPark for a free consultation and to learn how we can design a custom program for you.