Internal Patient Transportation Services

HealthPark Valet simplifies bringing the caring and compassion back to patient movement—along with cost savings and efficiency—with our Internal Patient Transportation Services.

Our warm and expertly trained team is dedicated to a great patient experience—and focused on helping hospitals increase their HCAHPS Patient Experience of Care Score. Here’s how our cost-effective services work:

  • Your dedicated HealthPark contact quickly responds to all patient transportation support requests
  • Attendants trained in patient communications and care move patients with efficiency and care—by foot, wheelchair or gurney—following instructions from your hospital’s clinical staff
  • Skilled teams take care of the heavy lifting, avoiding injuries to your staff
  • Coordination with your staff and vendors

With HealthPark University training, our team excels not only in transportation basics, but also in patient-centered care.

Patient transportation moves your hospital toward higher patient satisfaction

Your hospital can return to on-time schedules, happier employees focused on the jobs they were meant to be doing, lower labor costs, and more time to attend to more pressing matters—like clinical care.

Contact us to learn more about our cost-efficient and compassionate transportation services and how they tie in to our other hospitality and parking solutions.