HealthPark University

Where patient satisfaction starts

We’re only as good as our people, so we hire the most naturally caring, friendly and solution-oriented attendants with a passion for service. Each HealthPark Valet employee commits to an intensive curriculum that combines operational excellence as well as extraordinary service with our signature compassion and respect. Training on how to enhance a patient’s experience is deeply ingrained in our employees. Our team members also receive training in healthcare industry best practices and regulations. It’s no accident that our team members repeatedly earn kudos from patients and hospital executives.

HealthPark employees train for technical excellence in their hospitality roles, offering your patients and guests options and listen to their desires and concerns while arriving at possible solutions.

If you were to stop in at a training session, you would find employees mastering:

  • Communication skills, aligned with AIDETSM principles
  • Elder communication best practices
  • Awareness of pain intensity scales, to be sensitive to patients’ conditions
  • How to read and respond to a patient’s situation and needs
  • When to look for additional opportunities to assist patients, guests and employees
  • Observing the HIPAA Privacy Rule
  • Communicating with visitors who are hard of hearing or challenged with other disabilities
  • Awareness of The Joint Commission Standards
  • How to double as extra “ears and eyes” for security purposes
  • Healthcare customer service skills; including tone, manner, respect and sensitivity

Safety, understanding physical limitations, responding to medical issues and healthcare privacy best practices are just a few more of the many intensive topics we cover in our training.

HealthPark is a member of The Beryl Institute—the world’s leading organization dedicated to improving the patient experience. We incorporate their knowledge and best practices into HealthPark University.

See the HealthPark difference for yourself

Contact us to learn more about how we train our hospitality employees or read about our teams’ successes through our patient and guest testimonials.