Front Desk and Greeter Services

Patients and guests begin their hospital experience in the most positive way possible when welcomed by a friendly, knowledgeable greeter desk. From the first point of contact, HealthPark’s caring greeters immediately engage your patients and guests—setting a positive tone for the visit and helping the patient get to his or her destination on time, with ease.

Our Front Desk and Greeter Services include:

  • Checking employee and visitor badges, which also helps with security
  • Providing hospital maps and directory information
  • Directions for patients and visitors to help them find their way to their appropriate destination
  • Helping visitors fulfill their needs, such as helping them get comfortable or access the Internet

Your patients and their guests will appreciate these conveniences even more when combined with our concierge services. We continually empower our staff to go the extra mile to create a great patient and guest experience for our hospitals.

Say hello to patient satisfaction

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