Employee Concierge Services

Concierge services make for happier professionals

Studies show that healthcare employees consider work and life balance an important factor when evaluating career opportunities and in their daily satisfaction. And you very likely know the happier your employees, the better the service they will provide your patients. Yet, is life balance in a stressful hospital environment really possible?

Enter HealthPark Valet’s Employee Concierge Services, our answer to this dilemma. Through our services, employees save money and time—at least 16 hours each month, or 13 weekends per year—that allows for the balance they seek and the productivity gains you strive for.

We fulfill requests from every day to extreme

Employees may tap into our concierges for most any request. And if there’s something we can’t help with, we’ll go the extra mile to refer the employee to someone who can.

You choose the services you like to offer employees. Contact us to learn about our services for employees and human resources departments, including:

  • Errand running services to help employees take care of their personal “to-do” lists, from going to the store to holiday gift shopping to vacation planning and home repair tasks
  • Discounts to help employees save on everyday products and services
  • Referrals to pre-screened service vendors to help employees save time and energy taking care of their home, pets, travel arrangements and other life to-dos
  • Corporate and human resources support services to help your managers plan both fun and business-related events and initiatives
How high can your employee satisfaction go?

Contact us to learn how the HealthPark Hospital Employee concierge services complement our patient services and contribute to your bottom-line goals.