Patient and Guest Testimonials

“We would come about an hour or two earlier than our appointment to try to get a space in the handicapped parking area. When we visited the hospital last week, we pulled up to the front of the 200 building as the signs advised and were greeted by several young men who were kind and courteous and were able to get a wheelchair for me, helped me in and were sure I was comfortable. He took our car and parked it. When we came out, we gave our ticket to one of the young men and he literally ran to the far out parking space, brought our car to us and helped us in. He also was very courteous and kind and would not accept a tip. Again we thank you very much for having valet parking. We appreciate all of your wonderful doctors nurses & staff for all they do for us.”

— Mr & Mrs. Arthur Rice

“The purpose of this letter is to let you know just how special your valet parking staff is. When I left the hospital after visiting my husband, I was informed that my car had a flat tire. The young man, whose name I do not remember, offered to put my spare tire on. When it was discovered that my spare tire was flat, Diana offered to drive it to the local gas station and get it inflated, after which it was again put on my car. My husband was at the hospital for over a month, and during that time Diana and her staff were always very courteous and efficient, and as you have just read, willing to go the extra mile – literally. They are the first representatives of the hospital we meet when we arrive, and they do an outstanding job of setting the tone for the entire hospital and its cheerful, caring and competent staff. I just wanted you to know how very kind they were to me.”

— Carolyn Wittack

“My dad is suffering from terminal cancer. He struggles with occasional bouts of confusion as a result. He drove himself to the hospital. He was driving aimlessly, and one of the valets on duty stopped him, discovered his confusion, and wisely took him from his vehicle, directing him to appropriate staff, who took him to the emergency room. He was admitted and is being treated. My sister was informed and went to the hospital to see him, and drive his car home. She discovered that his car was almost out of gas, and he would never have been able to drive back home. My sister thanked the valet responsible, but did not remember his name. Thanks so much for the caring staff that you employ, who obviously do more than just park cars. My sister has brought the incident to the attention of the hospital, and commended both the valet, the company that employs him as well as the hospital in general for their caring employees. Thanks again.”

— Mike and Mary Bink

“I would like to inform you that the hospital has one employee in particular who stands out above the rest in terms of his competence and caring, and that is a valet named Jose. On my visit for the MRI, I did not leave the building until after 8:00PM. That day, we had about 5 inches of snow. On my way out, when I asked the security guard if he could call a cab for me, he pointed to an elderly woman in the waiting area who had been waiting for three and a half hours for a cab, but none ever came. After having watched this woman suffer in pain and frustration for that period of time, Jose decided to take matters into his own hands and when he got off of work after 8:00, he generously (and carefully) drove miles out of his way and took this woman to her hotel in Lakeview. Because I lived only a few blocks away and knew the area well, he also gave me a ride home. On my next two visits when I used valet parking, I was fortunate enough both times to have had Jose park my car. He has greeted me each time with a very warm welcome. I understand he has been employed at the hospital for five years. You are very lucky to have him.”

— Kimberly Ross

“When returning my car to me, Adam the valet alerted me I had zero miles to empty.  Not only did he give me directions to the closest gas station, he also handed me his business card.  Adam said if I run out of gas to call him and he would pick me up.  I didn’t need to call, but felt safer on that cold dark night!”

—Dawn Bass